Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bad Ideas: Keeping Regret in Business For Over 200,000 Years

Today I will be debuting a new monthly feature called Bad Ideas. The concept is fairly simple. Just a list of ideas that are bad, and will likely lead you down that garden path straight to the intersection of grief and woe. Attempting to enact them is strongly discouraged by both me and the entire staff here at Insane Italian. 

  • Carpooling with George Zimmerman to the 2013 Central Florida Jazz & Blues Fest
  • Sharing your Netflix password with Edward Snowden
  • Sending your child to a Chinese E-Waste swamp as an alternative to summer camp
  • Wearing your Aaron Hernandez jersey the first time you meet your girlfriend's parents
  • Wagering any large sum on when Nelson Mandela will actually die
  • Letting a Korean pilot fly you to your Italian cruise in the Arabian Sea 
  • Sitting through an entire screening of Grown Ups 2 without medical supervision
  • Using the phrase "interracial pig roast" in any context during a traffic stop 
  • Starting an "Americans Walk Across Mexico to Stop Kidnapping" pledge drive 
  • Attempting to exchange one small screw for a slightly different type of small screw at Home Depot while on acid

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