Friday, December 13, 2013

Nelson Said What?

There's been a lot of misinformation lately surrounding the shocking and unexpected death of the mythically empathetic humanitarian leader, Nelson Mandela. At just 115 years old, Mandela stunned the world into disbelieving grief when he suddenly passed away after only 19 recent emergency trips to the hospital. Adding to the immense weight of the sadness is of course the circus of insanity created when funeral selfies, schizophrenic interpreters and misattributed quotes began flooding the interwebs. 

Luckily I'm here to straighten it all out for you. Well, the quotes at least. I've put together a list of some of the more popular misquotes from the revolutionary philanthropist and politician, followed by his actual, verified words. Many times the quotes are so similar that at first they might not appear any different; but it can be the placement of a single word or punctuation mark that changes its entire meaning. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion.The last thing we'd ever want to do is tarnish the revered legacy of a global icon with falsities and untruths. Amen.